An Education in Saving on Textbooks
Textbooks normally consume a major portion of a student's budget, but that doesn't have to be the case.
Building Interaction Into Your Online Course
With dozens of choices for building student interaction into an online course, how do you make the choice? Online expert, Dr. Jeanette Cates, The Technology Tamer, walks you through the decisions and provides several suggestions.
Choose the Delivery Mode for your e-Learning Course
Distance Learning: Balancing Your Education and Busy Lifestyle
Distance Learning is a priority for most who have already set their lives out in one way or another in that their responsibilities have been laid out, and in quite a few cases, would not allow for regular College schedules.
Parents: Take the SAT Challenge!
The Top 10 Things a SAT test Prep expert wishes she could tell parents of college bound high school students.
College Bound: The Organized Dorm
Professional Organizer Bridget Messino teams up with college student and aspiring organizer Emily Steinecker to give you the low-down on getting that dorm room organized.
College Tuition Costs are Spiralling
Financing your college education. So, our children want to fly away from the nest and further their academic life in college. But with escalating costs, can we afford it? Will they have to take part time jobs to stay afloat or can we supplement their financial needs with college loans?
Business Plan Competitions
Important, successful firms have come into being starting as games in a business plan competition.
Write Your Way Into University - The Personal Statement
This article includes valuable information on writing a personal statement for university admission-- with impact.
IMT College - Full Online
Our site is the place where you can find everything what you need about education in business management.
CRI Releases Its 2003-2004 College Graduate Survey
Compensation Resources, Inc. has released the results of its 2003-2004 College Graduate Salary Survey. The purpose of this study was to obtain compensation data and information on recruiting and hiring trends for recent and new college graduates.
Looking For a Rewards Program That Offers Free Money for College Students?
This article explains how to earn free cash for college students.
The Challenges College Students Face on Secular Campuses
When Christians attend secular universities and colleges, they face challenges to their faith and their morality, including naturalism, relativism, and setting up tolerance as the highest value. How should a Christian respond to them not only to survive with a vibrant faith, but to benefit others as well?
Distance Learning, Online Education, Electronic Education, Electronic Learning...Call It What You Wa
In looking at this rapidly expanding and viable form of education and training, there are a few basic things you need to consider and some decisions you need to make in order to create the environment that will best suit your needs. You need to know the what, the why, the benefits and the how of the various forms of distance learning.
Internship Opportunities at Levine Communications
Student Removals - How to Get the Lowest Quote
Step by step instructions to get a removal at a price you can afford.
Discover How Online College Classes Work
Distance Education is fast becoming a great way to get a college degree. Online college classes are the way for a non-traditional student to earn a college degree at home. But how do these classes work? Exactly how do the students interact with the instructor and fellow students? Discover how technology has changed the delivery of education.
The Family University Network: Unplugging Institutional Higher Education
Stepping Beyond Home School and Christian Colleges toward Family Spiritual and Economic Prosperity -- It is common knowledge today that serious moral problems exist in families, churches, schools, colleges, corporations, and political arena. These problems have academic, moral, and philosophical roots reaching back centuries, and have been promoted by the systematic separation of knowledge from faith in God. The significant amount of teaching required to equip people with the ability to discern the times and apply Scripture by faith to all areas of life, requires diligence in all areas of learning, and at all levels of education.
How To Improve Your Study Habits and Remember Better
If you're a student, you already know that sometimes it's hard to motivate yourself to study. Everything else seems more interesting and more fun than that biology text you need to read. Suddenly it's the night before the exam and it's too late to study properly. So, you pull an all-nighter, and hope you can learn enough in four hours to pass your exam. How can you develop study habits that actually work?
Aurel Voiculescu Memories From High School
List of graduates from Ion Minulescu High School. Forum, pictures, memories.
Secrets Of Successfully Sitting Exams
Many people work hard studying various subjects to sit for examinations in them. Fine. Hard work is usually a necessary condition for passing exams. Unfortunately it does not follow that it is a suff...
Consolidate Student Loans and Shop Online
This article represents a broad survey of things you can do, from consolidating your student loans to getting small business deals on supplies, that will help you spend less each month.
Federal PLUS Loans
Acing the SAT Exam
The dreaded SAT exam - everyone takes it, but not everyone does as well as they should. Follow these test preparation and test taking strategies to help you succeed.
Break it up, Break it Down: Paragraphing Strategies for College Essays
Important to writing a well-developed and well-organized essay is avoiding the wall of words. This article offers a strategy for breaking text into clearly defined paragraphs using one of three paragraph types.
Writing Effective (and Requisite) Essay Openers
The don'ts and do's of writing introductory paragraphs for college essays.
College Admissions Essays that Take 1st Place -A Personal Statement Checklist
A supportive guide and checklist for writing your college admissions essay/personal statement.
How to Give Yourself a Raise with an Online College Degree
If you look around you, it doesn't take long before you can begin to notice others around you engaging in some kind of self improvement activity. If we want to look younger, we diet. If we want to feel younger, we exercise. To add culture to our lives, we might learn a second language or listen to classical music. These are all worth while self improvement activities we can participate in; however it can be shown that an increase number of Americans are continuing their education after high school. Some are returning to the online classroom after an absence of several years in order to enhance or change their career.
Life-Long Students Make More Money
If your brain muscles are getting rusty, this article is for you - it highlights some of the benefits of being continuing students and a few of the venues available to you to continue learning about your chosen profession.
The Key to Online College Classes - Have It Your Way
So many of us in today's world require a user friendly way to obtain additional education, that it just makes sense. Investigate what an online degree can do for you. Search for a degree that interests you. Then see what everyone is talking about. Receive your online degree today, get your education and have it your way.
How to Survive with A's
It is easy to get caught up in student life: all nighters studying, excessive partying, your first romance, your first taste of independence, and so on. How to survive with A's?
Marketing Students: 5 Guidelines For Your Final Paper
As Marketing students in universities worldwide, many of you might have to write a dissertation paper as a final project before you complete your bachelor's degree. It is a hard job developing such a paper, hopefully these guidelines will give you some hints.
Why Students Turn To Custom Writing Services
Plagiarism in education process, why and what to do!
Distance Learning : Get an education while you work!
Online Colleges as a Resource for Your New Career
Online college programs are a great way to change your career while still paying the bills!
Study More Effectively
If you are currently a student, you probably know you need to review the material a few times to remember it better. Here is a schedule to help you use your study time wisely.
Prepping for the new SAT I
In March of 2005, the SAT I underwent a major facelift, but students should not fret. By keeping it in perspective and adequately preparing, the test is very managable.
How Parents Can Help Allieviate The Stress of Getting Into College
There are steps that parents can take to help alleviate the stress of applying to college and make the experience more positive.
How to Choose the Right School For You
Now that the admission committees have handed you their decisions, it is time for you to choose which college to attend. For some, this choice is easy. Maybe you were admitted early decision or have a clear first choice. For others, the decision is more difficult. No matter, you must decide by the May 1st reply date. What should you do?
Online Education with the University of Phoenix
The University of Phoenix offers a wide array of online and distance learning courses. These include Accounting, Business, eBusiness, and Nursing.
Who Should Earn an Online Associate Degree?
An online associate degree is a two-year general studies degree that is obtained entirely over the Internet. To get an online associate degree, an individual does not need to have any prior college credits. Earning an online associate degree can take as little as six months...
Pre-Bachelor in Switzerland: The program should be one term, two terms or three terms (1 year). This program is meant for students who lack the necessary language skills to...
Free Money For College
Revolt of the Scholars
Scindex's Instant Publishing Service is about empowerment. The price of scholarly, peer-reviewed journals has skyrocketed in the last few years, often way out of the limited m...
How To Pass Exams
In modern society passing educational examinations becomes an increasingly important and essential means to a better job and improved living standards. The structure and nature of all examination...
Student Loans - Ensuring a Brighter Future Ahead
Education loans help to increase the knowledge base of the people by making higher education more accessible. But many students are not aware of such facilities bieng offered by the government or financial institutions. Through this article we try to disseminate the information and dos and donts of education loans.
Exam Guides One: 5 Great Tips To Improve Your Strategy
Exam Guides One - 5 Great Tips To Improve Your Strategy
Quality Schools
In a Quality School, relationships are based upon trust and respect, and all discipline problems, not incidents, have been eliminated. Total Learning Competency is stressed and an evaluation that is below competence or what is now a "B" has been eliminated.
What You Should Know About Scholarships
When it's time to go to college, the word "scholarship" is confusing for both students and parents. We automatically think about student loans, FAFSA, tuition and fees, EFC, grants, and work study. ...
Why Do You Want a Degree?
Principalship: Leading Change in Schools
The Distance Learning Explosion!
A generation ago few would have given much thought to educating themselves apart from a 'brick and mortar' educational institution. Today, it is the rage!
Academia Fraud and Brain Washing Cartels
Many have a tough time listening to the scientists debate amongst themselves and laugh at the peer reviews. With puffed up chests they publish or perish and there is lots of competition in the field. They borrow concepts, steal research, claim originality and fight like hell to be heard. Through all these smaller battles they gain the respect of their institutions and continue the right to shape the minds of our next generation.
Government Research Procurement Fails to Bring Efficient Bidders
Limperts Academy of Design Opens Interior Design Education / US and Canada
Limperts Academy of Design offer a BTEC HND (Higher National Diploma)in Interior Design that meets the NCIDQ education requirements of 60 semester credits. Students can complete this program in as little as two years, and after gaining the specified amount of work experience they will be eligible to sit the NCIDQ examination
How to Save Money While at College
How to eMail Your Professor
How to Survive First Year Engineering
Why Study the Flows of Civilization?
The reason to study the flows of civilization is out of the growing concern of the direction the United States is heading. Without a doubt the US of A is by far the greatest and most free country in the World. This is without doubt. However, as our study will show, it can be better and it is not good enough and often fails the people to enjoy their right of pursuit of happiness.
Self-Injury on College Campuses
Self-injury is intentionally causing self-inflicted physical pain in order to cope with overwhelming feelings, traumatic events, or severe emotional pain, and it's happening on college campuses across the country.
Hidden College Costs: Roommate Conflict
College Roommates: Three's A Crowd
Do Best Friends Make the Best College Roommates?
College Roommate Personality Clashes: How to Survive
College Residence Life Staff: Speak to Gain Respect
College Study Tips: Work Smarter, Not Harder
College Freshman: How to Get Over Homesickness
Experiencing new things and meeting different people can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Sometimes, it can make you feel a deep desire to return to the people and situations you know best. Learn how to deal with homesickness with these helpful tips.
Reducing the Administrative Burden for Further Education Colleges
Writing The All-Important College Application Essay
Tips On College Selection
The All-Important College Application
Submitting The College Application
Saving For College - Your Number Two Priority
Getting Into College No Longer A Numbers Game!
Sending your kids to college has never been more difficult or more expensive, and outstanding grades no longer guarantee admission! Student competition is at an all-time high and families now face the toughest admissions committees in history, soaring tuition costs, and a financial aid system designed to eliminate all but the most knowledgeable and persistent applicants.
Creating the Acceptable College Applicant
The College-Bound Student's Early Bird Menu
Facing Your Fears as an Adult Returning to School
Most Colleges Require Letters Of Recommendation
I cannot overemphasize the importance of developing strong relationships with high school teachers and counselors as early as possible. An extremely well written, all-telling letter can absolutely make the difference of being accepted or rejected to any college.
Accredited Life Experience Degrees - Accelerate Your Progress Online
Chances are you are pursuing an online degree to reap benefits in the workplace. For this reason, you may be interested in accelerating your progress to get your degree faster. This article will explain seven ways to finish your degree faster. Keep in mind that you will work harder to finish faster and must be willing to make this commitment.
Distance Education is Now Training the Next Genertation of Medical Assistants
Some people are calling it distance-free learning for the Medical Assistant. Distance Learning happens wherever the learner is most available, free from the traditional boundaries of geography. It could be in the next room, or in the next state. It uses whatever technology is most available and appropriate to allow effective learning wherever needed...
Distance Learning Degree Program - How to Study
The format of distance learning courses is different than what most students have experienced. The teaching style is more student directed and you will have to become accustomed to these differences. Distance learning relies heavily on technology. If you aren't computer and internet savvy, you will need to learn new skills, in addition to your coursework.
On-line Universities and Degrees - Find the Right One for You
The first step to finding the right online university is to decide what degree you want. Do you want an undergraduate or graduate degree? Are you interested in a certificate program for work related study? If you are returning to school for work, you may want to get feedback from your employer for this decision.
Graduation Quotations - Top 35
Grab the perfect quotation for your perfect graduate!
Online Degree Tips - Your Guide To Online Degree Programs
Is an online business degree right for you? What are the advantages to completing an online bachelors degree? What everybody should know about earning an online degree...
Outstanding Business Professors at WVU, Part 2
Outstanding educators can change the lives of the students they teach. The second installment of the four-part series spotlights Economics Professor Dr. Stratford Douglas, who uses his real world experiences when attempting to motivate students who might not understand the necessity of his curriculum.
Oustanding Business Professors at WVU, Part 1
Outstanding educators can change the lives of the students they teach. This first installment of a four-part series spotlights Marketing Professor Dr. Paula Bone, who opens doors for her students by showing them answers do not always have to be black and white.
The Oxford Student - Official Student Newspaper
Academics from Oxford University have mathematically proven long held suspicions...
Oxford Student Convicted of Child Pornography Offenses
An Oxford student has been convicted of downloading child pornography...
What Are Online Masters Degrees?
What makes studying online an advantage...
Online Nursing Degree For Busy Nurses
Use your spare time to graduate...
Who Can Apply For Online Nursing Degrees?
The answer to who can apply for online nursing degrees...
Online Paralegal Degree Preparing You For Employment
Why should you chose an online degree for your Paralegal degree...
What Makes A Penn State Online Degree Preferable To Other Online Degrees?
Why should you pick Penn State over all the others!
Surviving School
About going back to college..
Thinking of Dropping Out of College?
How to Find Money for College Education
Many current and future college students need help to pay for college. Especially with tuition rates going up every year, students are looking for ways to pay for their college eduction. In this article find out how to get more money for a college education.
Need Help Paying Back Student Loans?
Many college students and graduates are looking for a solution for their student loan debt. While borrowers may be having difficulty paying back student loans, there is help. Solutions for paying back student loans are available.
Making the Most of Your Summer
Too Much to Read and Too Little Time
I spent the better part of 17 years in and out of higher education. Eleven of those years were invested in taking classes and pursuing degrees. In the process of having to read a lot of books and articles that I didn't really have time to read, I began asking myself, "Isn't there a more effective way to do this?" Like many of you, I had a life outside of the academic world. I had a family, jobs, responsibilities, and the desire to enjoy some portion of each week. Reading was necessary, but it wasn't something I always enjoyed.
Accredited Online Universities - Getting Good Grades
Online Degree Education - Advantages
Distance education has been getting a lot of attention lately, but it isn't new. Correspondence courses have been around for over a century, allowing students to complete assignments and mail them to an instructor for feedback. Advances in technology have presented more opportunities in distance education. Classes can be taken through telecourses and the internet.
Online College Programs - How to Apply
The first step to getting your online degree is to apply to colleges. Research several colleges offering the degree program you need. Once you have decided on a school, you are ready to begin the application process. While the requirements may vary slightly, most colleges have similar processes. You will need to fill out an application, either online or on paper. Check with the university for application deadlines. Just about all schools charge an application fee; these fees are usually small.
Outstanding Business Professors at WVU, Part 3
Outstanding educators can change the lives of the students they teach. In the third installment of the four-part series, Accounting Professor Dr. Richard Riley puts his students in the competitive world of business to give them a real world classroom experience.
Education - Let The Learning Begin!
In nature things are either growing or dying. The same thing goes for human beings in regards to the type of person we become. Education assures you that there will always be growth...
All About Grants for College Students
Federal grants are a type of aid that is awarded by the government. Grants for college students do not have to be repaid. Grants are based upon financial need, as calculated by the federal aid program. The first step in applying for government grants is by completing the FAFSA.
College Is Way More Than Higher Education
College can be a time of growth and transformation done in a "safe" environment. College experiences are like living life with a learners permit.
Online Education and Digital Divide
Digital Education is really coming along thanks to the US Military and their expenditures in the IT Framework to make training available. The IT companies doing this training are in fact able to pass on this technology to the private sector immediately and it is helping us with the digital divide.
Online Education Has The Power To Transform Lives And Fulfill Dreams
It appears that it will be just a matter of time before a undergraduate degree or advanced degree will be available online in almost any academic or technical discipline.
SAT Test Preperation; Prep Options
Caribbean Single Market and Economy - Who Says UWI isn't Doing Enough?
UWI is not equipping its graduates to seek opportunities for self-employment. Instead, UWI is churning out bookworms that lack entrepreneurial vision!
5 Leading Online Schools
MRCP and MRCPCH - Preparation for the Examination
Discusses about the MRCP and MRCPCH exams and about the online resources available for preparation
7 Tips To Avoid the College "Low Expectations" Game
Completing college is difficult at best, but becomes an even greater challenge when the university expects students to take 5 years to complete a 4 year degree. These 7 tips may help you avoid spending that extra $5,000 to ?????.
College Low Expectations Game Cost Students, Parents, & Taxpayers Thousands of Dollars
College low expectations are costing students and parents thousands of dollars. Earning a 4 year degree in the U.S. now takes 5.3 years. Read how this very expensive and damaging trend affects you, your children and our society.
Online Education: 57 Leading Institutions
Getting a college degree today is easier than ever before thanks to the number of institutions offering distance learning opportunities. Whether you are pursuing a undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate degree you can choose from scores of degree granting schools. 57 leading institutions are featured here.
Is Pursuing A Degree Online Really For You? Who Should And Who Should Not?
It's time to find out.
What's behind the Explosive Growth in Distance Learning?
Distance Learning is here to stay.
CSI Has Made The Study Of Forensics An Exciting Career Opportunity
The television show CSI has generated a lot of interest in the field of forensics. Do you have what it takes to be a crime scene investigator or evidence examiner?
Financial Aid for Online Education
Learn how to get financial aid for education...
Get Your College Degree Online
Learn how to now get a college degree online, and without the need to attend a college campus, as well as a money source to pay for most, if not all of your education...
Why Pursue Your Degree Online?
Distance education has been around longer than people may realise.
What to Look for When Choosing an Online Degree Program
Choosing an online education program should be exciting and fun.
Packing for College
Sending your child away to college is difficult and exciting. Be sure to pack with them all the comforts and necessities of home. They will be happy to find those tucked in ideas that they simply forgot about.
An Online Degree Has Never Been Easier to Obtain
All About Online Degrees and Courses
Online Distance Learning Programs
Distance learning has become extremely appealing and widely attended because of the many educational options it offers through an educational format that caters to students who require flexibility in pursuing a degree.
Self Marketing 101 - Why Students Should Tell Stories
Everybody lies, and storytellers are some of the best liars around. But here is the problem: People like storytellers. They hate liars. The meaning is similar but different. In the South, storytellers sit on porch swings and drink ice tea. Liars stare down the barrel of shotguns.
Don't Graduate - What Students Should Know About College, But No One Ever Tells Them
Business and Academia!
This article is an attempt to emphasize on the importance of colleges and enterprises to have a collabrative environment!
Researching the Pros and Cons of Getting Your Degree Online
A recent survey of 1,300 graduates and 80 employers asked supervisors to rate the value of the degree earned by their employee compared to a resident school degree in the same field. Sixty-nine percent of the supervisors rated the online degree "just as valuable" or "more valuable" than traditional degrees...
Mind-Body Secrets for College Success - Six Key Secrets
Advice on college success is centered on excellent study habits. While academic discipline is indisputably important, the secret to superior performance is the power and energy of the body. Embrace the secrets of the body-mind connection and tap into an inexhaustible supply of power and energy leading to your college success.
The Freshman 15, or 20, or 25
So, we all hear about gaining a few pounds during freshman year of college, so why does this happen? What can you do to keep from falling into the trap? Glad you asked, read on to find out.
I Hate My Roommate!
What is there to do when your roommate makes your life miserable? We'll help you get through college and real-world experiences with non-ideal roommates.
What is the Cost of College Tuition?
What is the average cost of college tuition? This is one question that most parents and future students ask themselves and need to know in order to plan for a college education.
Higher Education as Service Trade Exporter In South Africa
Why are Some Online Degree Colleges Better than Others?
Learn how to tell the difference and the criteria on how to choose the right one.
Five Steps To Choosing A College
Choosing the right college is such an important decision. We interviewed a successful university student about the steps she took to find the right college for her. The steps she took in choosing a college can help any prospective student.
Need Money for College?
What should students and parents do to find money for college? There are many programs available to help students get money for college including scholarships, grants and several types of loans.
Scholarships not Working for You Neither, Huh?
Let me guess... you find yourself stressing over how to get your hands on this "free" money, and it doesn't seem to be working out...
College Entertainment for Less
Student Financial Guide is Your Guide to College Success
Student Financial Guide covers financial matters before, during, and immediately after college. The website equips you with the knowledge you need to help make wise decisions throughout your college experience. The Student Financial Guide website was recently released and is owned by a private organization partly funded by one of the nations largest non-profit credit counseling organizations.
College Without A High School Diploma - Possible?
What to Look For When Choosing an Online University
There are many online universities out there, but which one is right for you? This article gives tips on choosing the best online university for your needs.
Commercialisation of Higher Education in South Africa
The international higher education market is becoming more competitive as institutions of higher education compete globally with one another to recruit international students. The outcome of this research provides valuable insights regarding the perceived competitive profile employed by various institutions in South Africa.
Student Moans and the Quarterlife Crisis
Graduates hit by hard reality after fall from high expectations at university...
Balancing College Life and Academics
PCDI - The College and University Alternative for Working Professionals Pursuing Their Degrees
Have you thought about going back to school, but don't have the time take out of your busy schedule to go sit in a classroom? If so, you may want to explore the college degree options at PCDI. This article will give you more details.
Online Degree Programs
Online degree program is a good choice for busy individual's seeking a degree and continuing their education. There are many institutions online that offer online degree programs.
9 Lessons for Success in College - That Actually Make Sense
College Degrees and Online College Degrees
College degrees are a necessity in today's society where education is needed to make a livable salary or to receive a promotion before another degreed employee receives it.
Life Experience Degree Programs
Life experience degrees are becoming increasingly popular for the many people who want to receive credentials for credible work, experience, education and skills.
Making the Right Decisions on What to Take and Final Outcomes
Before you spend thousands of dollars, decide what steps are necessary to meet your criterias and your goals.
Choose Your School Classes by Using Your Senses
Did you know that if you choose the wrong kind of instruction when you sign up for classes, you can destroy all your chances of doing well in that class? The classes you take need to be compatible with your strongest senses if you want to be successful.
Studying When You Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Part 1
Studying can be extremely difficult when you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome /Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome /ME. And if you experience severe brain fog, concentration and memory problems, it can be a near-to-impossible feat. But if you **do** feel well enough to study, there **are** options out there which can make things a lot easier for you...
Student Housing - Studying In Apartments
How do you keep focused on school when you're living in college apartments? This article lists some strategies to help you create an optimal learning environment.
Student Housing - Look Further
Apartments near college campuses are typically high in price. By investigatiing other options, you can usually find a deal that will save you hundreds.
Online Bachelor Degrees
Online bachelor degrees are quickly becoming the most popular means for students to further their educations. The Internet is simply exploding with schools offering online bachelor degrees in many different fields of study.
Student Housing - Money Matters
Excited to be living in your first apartment at college? Be aware of the potential hazards when roommates and bills collide.
Fighting Senioriris
Interpreting College Writing Assignments: What's Your Professor Asking You to Do?
5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking Your First Online Class
Want to find out if online classes are right for you? Answer these 5 questions to find out if you are ready to take an online course!
With every passing day new discoveries are made and the scope of information is increasing with prospects that it is becoming difficult for humans to handle information efficiently thus resulting in e-cheating and plagiarism.
How To Stretch Your Student Loan
Quick Guide To Oddball Scholarships
Your unique activities and interests can be the catalyst to finding the right Oddball Scholarships for you.
Tips for Attending Art School
Here are some tips that will help you survive and thrive during your art school adventure. Make the most of your education. Attend every art class, and be on time. Keep your nose to the grindstone and do the best work you can do. Don't wait till the last minute to do homework assignments. You are building the foundation upon which the rest of your life will be built. Make it a solid one! Be sure to get plenty of sleep. Get to bed early on school days and let your hair down on the weekends.
Getting the Best Online College Education
Check out some of the most important things you need to consider in finding and selecting the best online college program for you.
An Essay Might Help to Resolve Difficult Issues
Why should not you turn to the help of essay writing service in order to resolve some highly controversial issues? The article provides you with an insight into some possible practical applications of essay writing in an animal rights issue.
Do You Really Want An Online Degree
Have you ever asked yourself why you want an online degree? There are many reasons people make the effort to get an online degree and even as an adult whilst it may seem unrealistic it is possible.
Junior Faculty Balancing Act: Teaching, Part I
The Advantages to a College Degree for Today's Job Seekers
A Student's Guide to Search Engines
How to Become a More Confident Student
If you want to do well in your studies, you need to have confidence in yourself as a learner. When you tell yourself that you're not smart enough, or that learning is hard, you will actually hurt your school performance. You can use affirmations and visualization to boost your confidence.
Harvard Business Students Drop the Ball
If you are going for a Harvard MBA, you will be given one assignment to evaluate a fictitious company, which will be attempting to regionally dominate the carwash industry and then later create a nationwide carwash system. Each year students contact our company the Car Wash Guys to ask us questions about the industry.
WARNING! College Stress Buster Secrets Professors Don't Know and Parents Can't Tell!
A Student's Guide to the Deep Web
College, To Be or Not To Be
Earning a College Degree Online
Today, the advantages of technology afford students opportunities outside the brick walls of an institution of higher learning. Many students are now opting to earn their college degrees online. As the popularity of attending college online increases, more traditional colleges and Universities are joining the fast-growing group of online-only college and Universities in offering several different levels of college degrees over the internet.
7 Suggestions for Choosing a College When the College Chooses You
Bachelor-Degrees, Online?
Online University: Options For Everyone
The online university is one of the best ways for many individuals to get the education that they want and need when they may not have the time to get into a college setting. Whatever reason that you may have for not making it into the university is one thing. But, now that there are so many options in getting into an online university you have little excuse to get your degree.
An Analysis of Facism and Communism
Why is it that Germany's fascism lasted a relatively short time compared to Russia's communism? The regimes established under Hitler and Stalin were incredibly similar with respect to the rise and control of the state.
Students - Breathe New Life into Learning
If you want to do well as a student in school, you have to make sure your brain is getting the oxygen it needs. If you are tense or if you are breathing in a shallow way, this will interfere with your ability to learn, and your ability to remember what you study. Learn better breathing techniques and become a better student!
The NCLEX Examination
Thinking of becoming a registered or practical nurse? Get the facts about the NCLEX exam!
Writing A College Term Paper
Is an Online Degree Really Worth It
A Student's Guide to Subject Directories
Subject directories can be very helpful when conduction research for class. However, students need to know the different between academic and commercial subject directories, as well as how the type of directory they choose will influence their research results.
Art Schools
Art schools offer many type of study, such as painting, sculpture, graphic design, and illustration. Here are some tips to help you get into an art school and the links below offer more information and resources.
The University of Phoenix: Pros and Cons
Study Abroad - Why Choose to Study at a UK University?
It is estimated that the total number of overseas students studying in the UK is nearly one million, with two-fifths of post-graduate students hailing from other countries. Why is the UK such a popular choice for so many overseas students?
M.B.A. Overview
A short synopsis of the M.B.A. Program.
How to Win Lots of Scholarship Money
A Global University Project is offering college and university students an apportunity that they cannot refuse. Taking our most valuable natural resource (with their educated minds) and giving them their opportunity to be put in the spotlight to tell their tales.
College Roommates Part I - Dorm Life
Whether you are moving into the dorm as a freshman, or a senior looking for a nice house close to campus, odds are you will be living with roommates. In this article I will discuss some of my personal experiences living in the dorms. I will talk about the pros and cons of living with a roommate and what you can expect. Be sure to check out this article, I had a crazy freshman experience you won't believe.
Paying for College: Scholarships and Federal Aid
This article discusses several popular means of paying and obtaining funds for college. From scholarships for incoming freshman to federal financial aid. I will give you tips on how to find free money to help you pay for college and discuss those dreaded student loans.
Buying College Textbooks
Looking for ways to save money when buying textbooks for college? $750 a year can be quite expensive for books you probably won't even open. In this article I will discuss several means of buying books and give you the pros and cons of each method.
Business Degree Basics
Do you have the talents to exell in business school? Read on and see.
Playing and Winning the Scholarship Game
A university dean offers students tips on obtaining scholarships and financial aid.
Large Vs. Small Universities
Whether you are a senior in high school picking out a college or already an underclassman at a university and looking to transfer, you still want to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of your size school. In this article I will discuss some of the pros and cons of attending a small or large university
College Roommates Part II - Life After Dorms
Most incoming college freshmen live in the dorms their first year. In my opinion this is a wise decision and an excellent opportunity to experience new things. However, not all freshmen live in the dorms. Some move straight into apartments, condos, or houses. In College Roommates Part II, I will discuss my experiences living with roommates in an apartment. Not all are good, but overall apartment life in 100 times better than being in a dorm.
Choosing Your Major
So you're an incoming freshman or an underclassman who is still undecided and the question everyone asks you "What's your major?" is getting on your last nerves. The following article will give you some tips about what to do when choosing your major. I've compiled these tips based on my recent experiences in college.
A Student's Guide to Writing Reference Lists
Even though it falls at the end of your paper, the reference list is more than an afterthought! Know what type of reference list your professor wants, as well as what style she wants it in - and be on your way to a stellar research paper.
Study Tips for Students Taking Tests
You're in the thick of the school year and so many things are going on. A test is coming up. You've got to do well on it. How should you study so you do better on that test?
University of Calicut
Your Comprehensive guide to University of calicut, Kerala
Break Out of the Passive Reading Habit and Get Active!
Students should strive towards active (as opposed to passive) reading whenever possible. Active reading increases your understanding and comprehension of the text - and ultimately your grades as well!
Accounting School: Where Do I Go?
Accounting school is an excellent choice for many that love to solve problems. Your problem today is, though, that you are not sure which school is the right choice for you. In order to choose one or the other, you need to break down the good and the bad that each school offers and then choose which one bets fits your needs. You probably think this will take you many days to figure out. But, in fact, it will not. It will take you very little time to do on the web. Here are some things to look for in the accounting school you choose.
The Value of Online Nursing Programs
Nursing is possibly the most hands-on career of them all - so is it really possible to gain a useful qualification in this field using your computer? Find out how these medical professionals are learning to up the ante online.
Online Degrees - Is Online Education Right For You?
To reach the very top of any profession, you need to gain the right qualifications, and with a good degree course or diploma you'll be giving yourself the perfect start in your professional life.
How to Choose the Right Online University
Which Online Universities Have Degrees That Are Actually Respected By Employers?
In this era when education is more than mere literacy every individual wants to acquire it from the best place possible. A surge in the number of people aspiring for education and internet as an abounding source of knowledge in all areas have given birth to online education...
Is an MBA Worth it?
What is an MBA worth? It depends. There is no one correct answer that applies to everyone
University Research Projects and Case Studies of the Franchising Model
It seems there is always a business college somewhere putting out industry data research. These research projects give the kids something to do and learn as they practice studying this industry or that.
Augmented Reality and Holographic Projection in Colleges
These days there is a big shortage of really good college professors. The professors are paid a lot of money and that costs students in tuition and well it prevents many students who do not have the money from going to college.
College Scholarships
If you are thinking of attending a college or university within the next year, be sure to research the scholarships available for your line of study or college of choice. Scholarships normally do not have to be repaid like other forms of financial aid.
Introducing the Mysterious NTU Elder
Introducing the Mysterious NTU Elder as he holds his own "life-credit" classes around the Naked Truth University campus every day for curious students.
5 Tips to Find the Best Online University for You
Getting a university education online has become a very practical reality for people who cannot spare the time and commitment to enroll in a regular university on a campus.
Test Preparation for College Entrance -- Tips and Strategies
Getting into the college of your choice means scoring high on the college admissions test. Here are tips and strategies on preparing to write your college admissions exam.
Should You Take an Online Degree?
Now that there are a large range of subjects available, an online degree has something that is suitable for everybody. To discover which online degree is right for you, first you should be definite concerning your career objectives. For example, if you want to start your own small business, then a degree in marketing will be your ideal bet. Someone else may use an online degree in order to help them change careers.
Research the Old-Fashioned Way: Why the Library is Not Obsolete
Even in the face of the Internet, the library is still a useful tool when it comes time to research and write a college paper. Libraries have adapted to the Digital Age and taken their holdings online.
How to Choose a School
You can find directories, programs, schools, and all kinds of resource sites with just a simple search engine query. All this information is useless unless you know what questions to ask. To help, I have compiled a simple list of the basic questions to consider when searching for the school of your dreams
Take Advantage of the Exploding Popularity in Distance Learning Colleges to Advance Your Career
Distance learning colleges are popping up all over the world. One of the most well-known, University of Phoenix, started in 1976 with 8 students. Currently, its academic enrollment numbers more than 200,000 students located all over the world, making it the largest private, accredited university of the distance learning colleges.
These Complicated Graduate Studies
Provides practical information on how to organize your time during your graduate studies. Describes the possibilities to reduce and alleviate the stress of the students at Graduate schools.
Preparing for a Semester Abroad is Hard to Do
Many students study in foreign countries, and packing and preparations can be some of the most nerve-wracking parts of the study. Preparing early and knowing what to prepare for can make a big difference.
Study Abroad Gives "Study" a New Meaning
One student's comments on study abroad, and what it means to spend a semester somewhere far from home. This reference can help students who have made the decision to go, and perhaps encourage students who haven't.
How To Get College Credits With Just One Test
If you are an expert or even generally knowledgeable in some field of study should you really have to take an entry level college courses? With the CLEP exams the answer is a resounding no.
Film Financing - Can Film Graduates Take the Challenge?
The film school graduate who has a thorough understanding of their Film Studies program, AND understands the basic processes of Film Budgeting, Cost Reporting and Business Plans, is light-years ahead of the pack. Believe me, a film studies graduate who can help prepare a financing package (that is, help to prepare a Film Budget and a simple Business Plan) would absolutely blow away any Independent Film and Video Production company.
Separating Information from Misinformation: How to Judge the Quality of Your Research Results
When conducting research, students are bound to encounter a myriad of misinformation, both on the Internet, as well as in academic resources, such as scholarly journals and books. By examining the accuracy, authority, objectivity, coverage, and currency of a source, students can determine whether they should consider or disregard it.
Getting Your Degree from Online Programs Accredited by the U.S. Department of Education
If you are thinking about taking advantage of one of the many online degree programs offered by colleges and Universities from around the United States, you are not alone. This trend in distance learning has exploded in popularity, due to the convenience and flexibility of the diverse types of programs offered.
Attending Community College Online
A community college is a post-secondary institution of higher education that offers many options to a person who is looking to earn more than minimum wage. Attending community college through an online program is a flexible and convenient way to supplement your education from the comforts of home, and without sacrificing work or family commitments.
Accredited Online College and University Programs
It is not unusual to grow indifferent toward your job. Lack of stimulating work, low pay, and limited growth potential within an organization are all excellent reasons to seek out a way to make a change. The best way to realize your full potential is to receive a college education.
What is a University of Phoenix Online Degree Actually Worth?
Any online degree probably cannot compete with a traditional university degree. Concentrated time spent on the campus in a face-to-face discussion setting is perhaps the best way of knowledge transfer
What is the University of Phoenix Campus Like?
Established in 1976, the University of Phoenix is the oldest and arguably the most successful online university. While going online has propelled the University to the popularity that it enjoys today
What You Need to Know About a University of Phoenix Online Degree
The University of Phoenix Online offers degree programs in several disciplines. Depending on your professional pursuits and interests, you can opt for an Undergraduate, Graduate, or Doctorate course in business management, business administration, nursing and health care management
How to Choose an Online University Degree Program that Will Actually Help Your Career
Undoubtedly, an online degree can further your career aspirations. However, choosing a program can be a confusing process. One way of identifying a suitable program is to list your goals and then go through the listed programs carefully to see which one meets your list best.
How Does An Online University Course Work?
Any online university course has a few prerequisites like a computer, a phone connection, and an Internet Service Provider. With these basics in place, any student anywhere in the world can enroll for the programs being offered by an online university.
The University of Phoenix Degree Program Vs. A Traditional Degree Program
There are different schools of thoughts advocating either a traditional degree or an online degree. Whereas the goal of education and job marketability remains the same, the point of argument is over the ways in which the goal is attained.
University of Maryland's Comcast Center is Where the Action Is
Want to gather with 17,950 of your closest friends for an exciting night of college basketball? There's no better place for it than the Comcast Center at the University of Maryland.
An Online Degree: Is It Worth Pursuing?
Pursuing an online degree has grown in popularity and provides people with the flexibility to continue their education online. It certainly provides a different method of learning but is it worth it?
Study Abroad Programs: Why Every College Student Should Study Abroad
Make sure that your college experience is more than just getting degree. Learn 4 reasons why every college student should study abroad...
The MBA Conundrum
A look at the value of MBA's in an organization by a current MBA student.
Tips for Receiving Online Accredited Degrees
A great many individuals dream of getting a degree, but few actually follow through with their dreams. The internet as enables thousands of people to follow through with their education.
Finding Unique Scholarships Online
So, like most people you are likely reeling from the cost of college these days. Scholarships seem like a great option to lessen the blow to your wallet. But, you may be wondering if they are achievable for the average student.
4-Year Colleges vs Technical Schools: Your Choice
If you are one of the many who is trying to make a decision about where to spend your money and invest your future, read on. This article provides a comparison of 4 year colleges and technical schools. Which one is right for you?
How to Get into a Top UK University Even If You Don't Have the Right Qualifications
If you have a strong desire to study at a UK university, but do not have the necessary qualifications, this short article describes the perfect route for you.
What Can You Learn By Attending Film School?
There are advantages and disadvantages to attending conventional university film school programs. Some students claim that traditional film school courses focus almost entirely on filmmaking theory whereas many of the more contemporary film schools pay more attention on actually practicing the various skills of filmmaking.
5 Ways to Increase the Value of a College Degree in a Competitive Job Market
Face it. There is a great chance that your four year degree will lose its value in the job market. As more students graduate with degrees, the value of the degree drops. Some degrees drop in value more than others, and a few are just downright worthless from the start.
What to Consider When Choosing a College Major
Scholarships, Fellowships and Government Grants, Oh My!
Nearly every student is eligible to receive free funding for his or her education expenses. Both the U.S. Federal and State Governments, as well as private organizations, offer free money to assist students with paying for a college education.
Continue Your Education With an MBA Online
Isn't It Time For You to Get the Online Degree From the Best University?
Choosing a Major
Off to college? Not sure what you want to do yet? This article may help.
How to Become an Eternal Student
A satrical look at the higher education system.
How To Find The Right University For You
It is not enough that you search for the perfect college program. To make the most of your college experience, you must also find the right learning environment that will help you flourish.
The Pros and Cons of an Online College Degree
College - Helping Your Child Prepare
After high school, some children go on to university, college, community college, or a technical school. Oftentimes, that's our children's first experience with true independence, which is a completely different kind of education. The freshman year offers the potential for pitfalls, and students show their ability or lack of ability to handle independence quickly.
The Art and Science of Finding a College
Whether your interest is in the arts or sciences, whether you are seeking sports opportunities or knowledge in a technical field, there are many tools available to help you make your decision and find the learning community that best suits your needs.
Why Study in Florence?
If you are thinking of studying abroad, you may be considering Florence, Italy as one of your options. Do a little research into the benefits of studying in this historic and exciting city, and you may find yourself wondering why you would study anywhere else.
Financial Aid Information For Students
Financial Aid is a wonderful program to help with the cost of college. It is a program that helps to supplement the cost of education and offers opportunities to...
2006 Digital Library Trends
In 2005 we saw a huge push for digital libraries and noticed Google and Microsoft both scanning books and putting them into digital format for the world to see.
Straight Talk on Highly Selective Colleges
Finally, the REAL truth about the importance of highly selective colleges. The Guidance Guy explains...
The Story of Allison
Follow Allison as she makes several key mistakes in the college admissions process. The Guidance Guy shows you how to avoid them for yourself!
College in the Fifties
Getting a degree in the fifties wasn't as easy as it looked.
Why Phoenix University Might Just Be Your Answer
What is your best option if you want to continue your education but don't want to spend a lot of money or time on it? I looked into schools and graduate programs and there are varying programs at a number of education centers and colleges. While many of them do offer classes at times that will work within your busy schedule, I found that those programs often take forever. Phoenix University is one of the exceptions. They have based their programs on internet classes you can take from home as well as on site classes that work around the schedules of busy adults.
Tips To Get Your Accounting Degree
What is the best way to go about getting your accounting degree? When I decided to get my degree, I had to do a lot of research and consider a lot of options before finally deciding on how to go about it. However, that was at a time when there were not nearly the resources there are now. So, if you are serious about pursuing your accounting degree, here are some tips that may help you get started and to do so under the circumstances you want.
College Degrees
College degrees may allow you to earn more money upon graduation, but for some potential students the high cost of paying for college keeps them out of the classroom. Many students are unaware of how to save money on the tuition for college degrees. This lack of knowledge about tuition assistance means that a significant number of students end up paying more for their college degrees than they should have to pay.
Secure your place in Multimedia
Earning a degree in the world of multimedia can give you the opportunity to combine your visual talents and artistic abilities. In the multimedia and visual communications sector, you use your creative abilities to communicate with audiences worldwide.
Combat Terror with a Criminal Justice Career
Criminal justice careers offer a broad spectrum of job opportunities. Online and campus college degree programs have addressed this need and now offer criminal justice degrees and homeland security degrees.
Choosing an International School
Choosing the right school when working or living abroad can be a daunting task. It is essential to plan carefully to select the right school for your child.
7 Steps to Guide Your Graduate School Search
The Graduate School Search Process: 7 Steps to guide your graduate schools search.
Tips to Receiving An Online Accredited Degree
A great alternative for the person who desires to attend college classes is to go the route of an online accredited degree.
Is an MBA Worth the Time and Money?
An MBA can bring numerous advantages. But are these advantages really worth it?
Paying For it on Your Own?
Online MBA - An Analysis
An MBA has become a necessity to get yourself promoted in the modern corporate world. However, for most of the adults today, managing your career along with equipping yourself with the necessary education has become a challenge. To help you overcome this problem, many reputed universities offer MBA degree online so that you may earn the degree even while you work.
What Does a Community College Cost?
Many college students take advantage of the lower cost of tuition at communitity colleges. Students can take classes at community college and earn credits toward a two year or four year degree program at a lower cost.
Federal Pell Grant Program for College Students
The Pell Grant is the most common type of government grant awarded to help college students with financial aid.
Are You Too Old To Go Back To School?
You want to go back to school and continue your education. Perhaps you'd like to earn your first degree or ou'd like to earn a new degree in a different field. You've been dreaming of that degree but haven't dared believe your dream can come true because you think you are too old.
Choosing a College Right For You
Ever feel overwhelmed by the choices of colleges and universities out there. Thinking about an online school. Get the skinny on college life for an adult.
College Freshman Pitfalls to Avoid
How well prepared a graduate fresh out of high school is for the experience will quickly be revealed. There are classic pitfalls awaiting young college freshman. Food, money, study habits, recreation. Each of these areas requires attention for the young student to do well.
How Not to Transfer Colleges
My plan was simple: spend two years earning my associates degree, transfer, spend two more years to finish my bachelors. In the end, it didn't turn out that way. They say hindsight is 20/20, so I am here to share my experience so you may gain from it. Here is a list of what to do when transferring colleges
MBA And Tertiary Education Programs in China
With China becoming the 6th largest economy in 2004 and likely to rank 4th in 2005, it has become imperative to understand China so as to explore the increasing business opportunities in China. One of the usual route for this is to study and build social networks at the leading Chinese universities. Latest available figures show that there were about 85,000 foreign students studying in China in 2002.
Student Flats
Everybody knows that university can be an expensive time of your life. It is usually three or four years of living in rented accommodation, paying university fees, for books
Why an Accredited Online MBA Program is Worth So Much More
An accredited MBA diploma is your entry to a better life, job prospects, and a higher personal satisfaction level. Your MBA diploma prepares you for the work challenges. It also assures prospective employers that you have the educational qualifications and appropriate skills to handle senior managerial responsibilities.
What Do I Need to Take an Online MBA Course?
Most online MBA courses are commonly put together to meet the needs of working students with undergraduate degrees in business related programs, as well as those with undergraduate degrees outside the area of business.
A Review of the University of Maryland Online MBA Degree
The University of Maryland University College offers an online Master of Business Administration degree. Named one of the "Top 20 Cyber Universities" worldwide by Forbes magazine.
A Review of The University of Phoenix Online MBA Degree
Want a University of Phoenix Online MBA Degree... Now What?
You have researched all of the MBA Online Degree Programs available and have decided that the University of Phoenix is the right choice for you. Now what should you do so that you can begin earning that MBA degree?
Why College Education is so Crucial for Success
This article discusses all aspects involve in college education. I show how college education has many additional benefits as opposed to self-education through books. Various activies and social relationships make college education a crucial stage in everyone's life.
Students in Private Colleges
In order to be successful in a technology career, a student should be highly motivated. But a lot of students from US high schools lack the skills and interest to understand the courses taught to them in private technical or vocational colleges.
College Students Lie to Businesses to Get Information for Class Projects
Often our company catches college students pretending to be customers so they may get pertinent information to complete their business class projects.
Online Degree Program: No Stopping You Now!
Just when you thought that you couldn't manage going to college or university to obtain that degree that you need, we come to tell you about the option of an online degree program that will help you obtain your degree without actually going to university or college. Yes that is right. You heard correctly.
Should You Quit School?
Are you finding yourself in an institution for higher learning and thinking to yourself that maybe this is not right for you? Do you feel that you are doing busy work and not learning anything?
Earning Your Degree Online
Have you thought about advancing your education but just do not think you have the time. How about pursuing your education by enrolling in an online degree program.
Pharmacy Schools - The Short List
From pharmacy technician programs to popular nursing school and legal assistant programs, universities nationwide are gearing up to accommodate the current demand for various health care and legal related programs. As for aspiring pharmacists, there's plenty of quality pharmacy schools they can choose from when it comes to pursuing their education.
Bachelors Degree Requirements
Bachelors Degrees
Accelerated Bachelors Degrees
Online Bachelors Degrees
Bachelors Degrees In Business
Bachelor Of Science Degrees
Bachelor Of Arts Degrees
Are You Setting Yourself Up to Procrastinate?
Learning Online Made Graduating Early Possible
I started on my bachelor's degree in health care administration over two years ago. I was attending a state university full time and working part time.
Buying An Essay On The Internet Is Not Cheating, Provided The Service Is Used Correctly
Many students have been purchasing custom essays online and this has recently caused a great deal of controversy in the education system. The aim of this article is to describe the transition of the traditional "essay banks" to what are known as "custom essay sites" and the further progression to "personalised essay sites", and to outline the common grounds under which the use of these services are deemed to be perfectly legitimate and reasonable.
Online Schooling: Can It Work For You?
Isn't it amazing how education has changed over the years? Who would have thought that online schooling would become an option? And a perfect option it is for many people. Just imagine that you are an older person for example who needs to work to support your family but would really love to gain that degree that you have always wanted to ensure a promotion or perhaps a new job. Well now you can do that by using online schooling.
Athletic Scholarships Or Non-Athletic Scholarships? - 3 Good Reasons Why You Need To Search For Both
If you are a student athlete you have probably not considered applying for non-athletic scholarships and college grants because you are busy trying to obtain an athletic scholarship. Changes in the recruiting and application process for USA student athletes seeking athletic scholarships might convince you to do both.
Your Needs Regarding Online Education
In a nutshell, online education requires self-discipline, organization, and the ability to use modern technology. Students must be able to learn through written words, not audible words. And they must feel comfortable sharing information over the Internet. Students must also believe their education can be learned without ever stepping foot in a traditional classroom setting.
You Have Submitted Your Applications - Now What?
Submitting a college application, or several, is an achievement. You should allow yourself to celebrate and feel proud of your accomplishments before you get your admission results. However, waiting to hear from the colleges can be anxiety provoking. It can be so difficult to acknowledge that at this point the decisions are largely out of your control. Now the colleges have the results of your efforts in one college application. It is time to let go, and let the admissions officers do their jobs. You have done everything you can do, and now you must wait...
The Secrets to Finding the Right Online School
A brief tutorial on how to find the best online school for your needs.
Taking the Guesswork Out Of College Admissions
How is it that you can ace your calculus exam, write an English paper worthy of publication, and brave the steepest, scariest roller coaster, but the thought of applying to college leaves you in a cold sweat?
Why Bother with Art Colleges?
If you are pretty talented at art you might not even consider going to Art College. Why should you, anyway? You can draw like the masters: Boticelli, Michaelangeo, Da Vinci...
Get Assistance Writing Scholarship Essays - Follow the 7 Steps Below
Do you need assistance writing scholarship essays or do you prefer to put your reader to sleep?
Brief History of Speed Reading
A short history of speed reading, from it's beginnings when Evelyn Wood discovered it, to today's high tech methods. Learn more about the ability that's changed reading around the world.
A College Scholarship Search In Your Local Area Could Change Your Life Forever - Read My Story
If you are the first in your family to go to college sometimes you have only second hand information to go on. But second hand information can still be good enough. A college scholarship search in your local area could change your life forever.
3 Tips For Being A Successful Distance Learning Instructor
Looking for tips to help you become a more effective online instructor? These 3 tips will help you learn how to connect better with your students, and be the teacher students want to learn from!
10 Reasons to Go to College
Life is full of options and choices. The choices we make shape our future. As we stand at the cross roads after high school we must have the right vision to make the decision to go to college.
The "Extra" in Extracurricular Activities for College-bound Hopefuls
The importance of maintaining a great GPA is not the only focus that college-bound hopefuls need. Colleges desire to have students who succeed academically but also want creativity as well.
Graphic Design Schools - Everything You Need To Know
A successful future in the new media industry (and specifically, graphic design) depends on choosing the right school. As a graduate student in this field myself, I will be able to provide you with the absolute best advice one can get in regards to this topic...
Tips to Understanding the ABC's of Online Colleges
The world of education has been revolutionized. E-learning is a world where by using simple computing skills and having an Internet connection one can earn a bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree. Nothing is impossible.
Navigating the College Maze: Find Your Passion!
Are you having a difficult time adjusting to college? Want to improve your decision-making?
10 Tips to Selecting a Thesis or Dissertation Topic
The research shows that students take up to 2 years to select a thesis or dissertation topic. This article helps you cut that time in half.
Prepare For Exams With the Mind Map Technique For Making Notes
When you need to prepare for an exam, do you still take notes the old fashioned way. Try the mind map technique and see if it helps you to learn better and remember better when you are studying for tests.
The College Admissions Myth: The Keys to Gaining Admission
What are the real factors in determining who goes to college? What are admissions counselor really looking for?
How Nursing School Grants Work
Understanding the Unwritten Rules of Graduate School
If you are smart enough to get into graduate school, this article is about being smart enough to graduate. Completing your graduate degree is not good grades it's about perseverance and understanding the unwritten rules of graduate school.
Avoid Graduate School Hell! Select Your Advisor and Committee Wisely
Need an academic advisor? Don't be too hasty. Choose your advisor and your committee wisely. Your life in graduate school will depend on it; you need an advocate...
All Scholarship Applications are Alike, Right?
Learning how to "personalize" will be the extra ingredient that causes scholarship committees to notice your application.
A Review of the University of Phoenix Online Nursing Degree
The University of Phoenix Online started as a traditional university in 1976 and was one of the first to go online in 1989. It is currently the leading online university, with tens of thousands of students from countries around the world. This has made this school one of the most popular of its kind anywhere in the world.
Safety On The College Campus
College should be a great time for exploration and learning. However, more and more it is getting to be a dangerous place to be and continues to be more so each year. Hazing to late night parties means more predators are out to possibly do harm to you when you are not at your best. Just walking to and from college can be a journey full of danger.
Are You Better Off With a College Degree?
This article compares the options of earning a a certificate, diploma or college degree vs. no pursuing a college education at all and helps prospect students to make the right choice.
Design and Build Your Career - Get an Architecture Degree
This article guides prospect students towards architecture school and architectural training. It shows the path to become an architect or draftsman and tells students what to expect or consider when moving towards an architecture career.
Why Do You Need a Degree?
This Article encourages students to seek a College Degree by showing the benefits and stability of a college education.
What Do I Need To Take An Online NursingCourse?
All of the online nursing schools are different and in large part this works to the advantage of the new student. Few people realize that an online nursing degree is pretty much the same as any traditional school.
Is Studying Abroad an Expensive Affair?
What are the Real Challenges of the New SAT?
You will have to become a better writer, if you want to come through the new SAT with the flying colors!
Steer Clear of the Online Scams Rewarding Degrees in 5 Days!
Beware of the tricky dodges of diploma mills, conferring any degree in virtually no time!
As a Minority Graduate Student, How do I Find a Suitable Advisor or Mentor?
Minority and female graduate students struggle to find advisors and mentors with similar characteristics. Although finding a role-model with similar characteristics would be ideal, finding an advisor with similar research interests is one of the key components to success in graduate school.
Selecting an Online University
People who want higher education but who don't live near a college or university offering courses they want used to be out of luck
Plessy vs Ferguson - African American History Essay
The U.S. Supreme Court: the highest court in the land. Their job: to decide the constitutionality of cases. But is that what they are really doing? Can we trust that their decisions are just?
Islam - Essay - Fundamentals and History
The foundations of Islamic life are based on a sacred text called the Qu'ran. The Qu'ran is a record of the exact words revealed by God through the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad. The Qu'ran is the prime source of every Muslims' faith and practice.
Immigration - Essay - Term Paper
he Italians fled from their villages in flocks of millions at the end of the 19th century . Although reluctant to leave their established communities, the high cost of oil,
The Benefits Of An On-Line Degree, Are There Any?
Believe it or not, a diploma straight out from college is not a sure fire and effective means to assure success. Currently, people are now going back to school to earn more than a college diploma. There is that Masters Degree, additional training, that all-important certification.
Evenings at a University in China - English Corners and More
What is it about evenings at a university in China that make it so compelling? The English Corner! Read on to find out more
Student Loans - The Essential Information Resource!
Student loans are a vital part of financial planning for post secondary education. Though necessary, the whole process has to be planned and understood to ensure you make the right decisions.
Homework as a Form of Independent Practice of Students
College - Not What It Used To Be
An article about how a college education isn't what it used to be.
College And The SAT
An article about the SAT exam in preparing to get into a college.
College - Getting Scholarships
An article about the various scholarships that are available and how to get them.
College - Beating Homesickness
An article about how to beat getting homesick when going away to college.
College - Adults Going Back
An article about the reasons, challenges and rewards for adults going back to college.
College - Survival Tips
An article about how to best survive your college experience.
A Review of the Kaplan University Online Paralegal Degree
As more law firms and corporations seek to lower costs, paralegals will be in much higher demand. Kaplan University offers four accredited paralegal programs
College Readiness Is A Myth
Do you believe that your son or daughter is ready for college? Most parents believe this to be true, yet the research suggests something far different. Take a few moments to expand your reality about college readiness and potentially explode this myth.
Get into Top Colleges Without Stress
From one of the country's leading experts in college admissions and a nationally recognized parenting guru: 10 winning tips for getting into the college of your choice without falling apart or burning out.
Students Engage More in Term-Time Jobs
Discover why students are bound to combine learning and earning
How Do I Get An Online Paralegal Certificate?
If you are looking to get an online certificate as a paralegal, you will find that there are many resources available on the internet. There are programs available online which are designed for novice as well as advanced legal students.
College - Your Last Year Must Do's
An article on what to do your last year of college to prepare for a job or continuing your education.
College - Women's Colleges
An article about the benefits of attending a women's college.
College - How To Pick One
An article about how to pick a college.
Text Books Measure Will Give College Students a Break on Text Book Prices
Many college universities and state colleges will implement additional measures to make sure that text book legislation is more difficult than the house proposes, but this is the first time that this has been done. Legislation was sponsored last year by a republican senator and this lead to text books being required to go through a central review committee that would give proposals for price increases and quality assurance.
Interview Preparation, Tips and Advice
This article provides some information about preparation for the college interview, the waiting room, mental preparation, questions and things to ask and dressing for the college interview.
What Do I Need To Take A Online Paralegal Course?
When you choose to take an online paralegal course, it is important to understand the things you will need prior to taking the classes. It is helpful to have an understanding of the field itself.
College: Fast and Cheap, Down and Easy
Joe's quickie guide to finishing a degree fast 'n cheap, without the mounds of debt your average sucker accrues.
Humans, Animals and Research to Find Differences
Humans have for centuries considered them selves unique and simply better than all other animals. Humans have even developed literature and religion to further justify their false belief.
Empathy is Not Unique to Humans
A debate has been stirring for years over the belief that what set humans apart from all other animals was empathy. Of course Jane Goodall's work and her first insights decades ago in studying chimpanzee troops shocked the core of the human belief system and religious thoughts of the day.
Expand your Horizons with a Bachelor Degree Online
There are many opportunities available to earn a bachelors degree online. An online degree can improve your status in your career or help you change careers.
How to Wear a Graduation Hood?
How to wear academic regalia hoods:- Academic dress today generally consists of a gown also known as academic choir robes or choir robe gowns quail with a..
10 Awesome Ways to Keep Safe When Partying
Drugs and alcohol can affect your ability to make life saving decisions. Such as identifying danger signs and finding ways to escape. Be responsible of how much you consume and follow these party tips.
17 Self Defense Tips for Dorm and Campus Safety
How to Find Research Paper Topic Ideas
Research paper topic ideas are always difficult to come by. If your tutor sets the topic then you needs to find a different slant on it. If you can set your own where do you start? Here I give some ideas how to start your research paper and how to get a fresh idea on topics you are given.
Acupuncture Schools: A Comparison of Acupuncture Schools in North America
This article contains advice and guidance for prospective students on choosing an Acupuncture School in North America. It explains the basic origins and teaching traditions of the three types of Acupuncture Schools available today in North America.
What Is School Accreditation?
In general terms, accreditation is the means by which a school is officially recognized as a provider of a satisfactory education that public institutions (i.e. employers) can trust.
6 Tips For Saving Money on Textbooks
The prices of textbooks climbed in recent years, and many textbooks can cost well over $100. Saving money on textbooks can be achived by following several simple rules. The article lists 6 essential tips that can save you money when buying textbooks.
The Future is Online Degrees
With the wide range of opportunity available to obtain an online degree, it almost doesn't make sense to go to a university or college. Of course online courses will never be able to match the full immersion that an actual insitution can offer, but for someone who is working, or tied down with other commitments, it can open doors that where closed before.
Your Educational Search, Do You Have The Right Stuff?
Your main objective should be finding a school that offers a program consistent with your career choice and educational needs. The earlier you began your college search the better. This process should begin no later than the year you enter the eighth grade. Some may think this is too early, but what is too early. There are students who began earlier, which is great. Remember the earlier you apply the better chances you have in getting accepted to that school.
How to Finance Your College Education Through the Military
Archiving Abandoned Abstracts
Often professors have to determine which projects to allow their students to work on in their research departments, some of these decisions are made due to costs, time constraints, corporate funding and who the liberal professor is. As each student is asked to submit requests
A Guide to Online Bachelors Degrees
Online bachelors degrees can get you higher pay and a better life. But make sure you only pursue them at Accredited Universities.
A Guide to Distance Learning Certificate
Distance learning certificates and degrees can be obtained at accredited online universities that offer a wide range of programs.
5 Ways To Pay For College
How to Spot an Academic Fraud
There has been a lot of academic fraud out there and a lot of name calling of those who are not fraudulent but their research goes against religious beliefs. But how can you spot which is which? Well it is difficult I suppose until you practice a little. One thing academic fakers ...
How to Make Yourself Write - Tips and Tricks
An Environmental Science Degree: An Investment In The Future
The World is changing rapidly at the hands of man and man is only just waking up to the potential dangers whether they are natural or man made. Increasingly in the future opportunities will exist in many areas of government and business, as well as pressure groups, for graduates in environmental studies. For those interested in the environment an environmental science degree must be seriously considered when looking at university or college.
The Greatest College Courses of Today
College courses are very important, especially the ones belonging to general education. Those are the ones that will prevent us from being skewed in our education and hence, deal only with engineering or chemistry or history. A complete education must require that all students have a round and complete body of knowledge.
Graduation Slideshows
Slideshows for graduations are a very beautiful way to show the graduate how very proud you are of him or her. As parents we pour our hearts, souls and lives into our children. We watch them grow from a beautiful infant to a beautiful and responsible adult. Graduation day is the first step in their independent life. What better way to celebrate than with a graduation slideshow production the celebrates the life of the graduate.
Is An Online Business Degree Right For You?
Information about pursuing an online business degree...
An Honest Review of the Regis University Online Accounting Degree
If you're looking to pursue a degree in accounting, but want to find a way to get your education on your own schedule, an online degree is ideal.
How I Scored a 180 on the LSAT
The LSAT is the most important factor in Law School admissions. Follow these 4 easy steps to achieve the LSAT score of your dreams.
Pre-Masters Courses - Should You Take One?
What an M.B.A. Can Do for You
If you want to gain a position of greater responsibility in your current field, a an M.B.A. can not only advance your career, but also raise your earning potential.
Georgia Technical Colleges
Throughout the state of Georgia, there are many technical colleges to choose from.
Money For College
With the prices for a college education increasing each and every year, having the money for college is very important.
What Makes an Accredited Criminal Justice School Unique?
To put it succinctly, the difference between an accredited criminal justice school and a non-accredited one is while the degree you get from the former is valuable and can get you a job, a degree form the latter is worthless and is unlikely to get you anywhere.
The Basics of a Criminal Justice Degree
Following the tragic events of 9/11 there is today a much greater awareness throughout society about such issues as homeland security, airport security, public safety and management, international terrorism, criminology and criminal psychology and many other related subjects.
5 Ways to Fund Your Child's College Education
A degree level education is probably the most expensive single cost in bringing up children today. Unless parents take action early the chances of their children graduating without substantial debt are minimal - that's if they can afford to go to college at all.
College - Good Grade Obsession
College applicants often have an obsession with getting good grades and this leads to an absence of extra-curricular activity that really shows who they are.
Gap Year Taking Off A Year
What is a gap year and why is it becoming popular for high school students? Should you try it or let your kid try it?
RN to MSN Programs Online - RN's Taking Control of Their Higher Education Goals
From High School to College or University 1 - The Problems of Change
Leaving High School and going to college or university is a major change for any student. A new college or university student will find themselves in a different world to their previous time at school, a world in which they will face new challenges and opportunities in study, perhaps their first crack at independence from home, and the temptations of a potentially limitless social life. What are those challenges and opportunities?
From High School to College or University 2 Preparing the Foundations of Successful Study
During the early days at college, you will be setting the foundations for all your future studies. This is, therefore, a crucial time in tilting you towards success or failure. As with anything new, you will soon form habits, and it is up to you to ensure that those habits are good habits. But what areas of college life and education do you need to focus on, and what study skills do you need, to get great grades?
Online Degrees
Online degrees have been viewed as a second hand experience when compared to a traditional classroom setting. This is in fact not the case and there are several advantages to gaining a degree online.
Scholarships for Graduate Students
Are you thinking of returning to higher education but not sure how you can afford it? Here I look at the availability of scholarships for graduate students looking to study for a Masters or Doctorate.
The Skinny on an Online MBA in Accounting
Going for an online MBA means that you are wanting further training in an Accounting field - probably for some kind of management position, or for a managerial enhancement.
The Skinny on an Online Bachelors Degree in Accounting
Choosing accounting as the choice of your career means that you will need an education. While there are a number of good schools to choose from, unless you are single, and don't have a job, the easiest way to go would be to get your education through an online program.
The Skinny on an Online Associates Degree in Accounting
In today's technical world, it is easier than ever to attend college and receive an associated degree in accounting. With the advent of the online classroom, college students can stay at home and continue their full time job while earning their degree.
How Do I Apply To An Online Accounting Degree Program?
Earning a degree online has many benefits. It is convenient, popular and affordable. It allows an adult the opportunity to earn a college degree while continuing to work, spend time with family and friends, or take care of important commitments.
How Does An Online Accounting Class Work?
Each online school employs different technology delivery methods, course materials and study procedures.In short, there are many variables concerned with how online accounting classes are conducted.
An Honest Review of The University of Phoenix Online Accounting Degree
Pursuing your degree online is a convenient and time-effective way to make sure that you receive the education you need at the pace you want.
Applying To Colleges & Universities
When applying to colleges and/or universities, it is best to do so as early as possible. The earlier you apply, the better chances you will have of being accepted into your program of interest. As expected, many college courses fill up quickly, which is why early applications often stand a better chance of acceptance.
Which Online Accounting School is Right for Me?
What Do I Need to Take an Online Accounting Course?
In the past, many people wishing to attend college to earn an accounting degree found that they could not take the time from real life to attend.